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2018 Summer ASIFA newsletter – Women in Animation – New Website

2018 Autumn ASIFA Central Newsletter – Notes from President Yarhouse – Lip Synch Retreat with Extra Baboons – Storyboarding Notebook – Notes from Canada – International ASIFA news – 

2019 Spring ASIFA Central Newsletter – April – Brad Yarhouse Elected IAD Coordinator – Tumo Center for Creative Tech – Pilar Newton-Katz – Memorial for Larry Larson – Deanna Morse at Ann Arbor – Julie Goldstein and Virtual Memory

2019 Summer ASIFA Central Newsletter – IAD Anijam – St Louis Retreat – PD Music 1923 and before – Upcoming Anniversaries

2019 2020 ASIFA Central Winter Newsletter – President Brad has a Message – Tom Sullivan and Thriller Chiller – OIAF report

2020 Springtime ASIFA Central Newsletter – Bylaws – Armchair Historical Research – Zoom Meetings

2020 Summer ASIFA Central Newsletter – 28th Retreat, Chris Sullivan, Nina Paley, PD music

Ah, the sweet sound of analog…

The Archaic Archive:


I just LOVE the smell of archives!

–1990s —

You’ll need to coffee up soon!


Pace yourself, kiddo…


Wear out, don’t rust out!


Quiet moments of repose in the form of a doze…


Now THAT’s what I call TELEVISION!”
You won’t find THIS font on Word!
Betty is always a good draw…
How’d we make it through the 80s?

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