The program, ASIFA/Central “Celebrating Global Animation” features 19 Animations from around the world, representing the countries who offered films freely for International Animation Day 2020. Films from Australia, Finland, Hellas/Greece, Iran, India, Switzerland, Taiwan, and the USA are featured.

ASIFA/CENTRAL members are welcome to join in the community celebrations and screen our program online this year to recognize 2020 International Animation Day. You can have a few friends (who are already part of your COVID bubble) over for a salon style screening, share with your classes, or show in your backyard, of course at a small socially distanced screening event. 

Eight countries, 19 animations, total running time is 1 hour 22 minutes. With a variety of styles, techniques and intended target audiences, it is an impressive line up. It would be rated R for some animated nudity. Attached is a .pdf with the selected films. 

Remote screenings for International Animation Day can occur between October 26 and November 15, 2020. The program is password protected, please write Deanna Morse morsed@gvsu.edu, describe how you intend to view it, and ask for the password.

“Jasper” TRT 2:22 – Simon Rippingale – Australia
retreat photo 2019

      PRE-CoVid!  2019 ASIFA USA Central Retreat held in St Louis, Missouri at Webster University.

Welcome to ASIFA Central! We are the midwest chapter of ASIFA, the oldest organization of animators in the world. Our chapter was established in 1975.

Our retreat is coming July 17-19th 2020! Join us for free and online. For more information, our schedule, and to RSVP click here