Dear ASIFA Central Members – IAD is coming! A Reminder from our President, Briana Yarhouse:

1. The exchange is a great way to share your work with the world in honor of the collaboration and celebration of animation.
2. I am also extending the deadline to October 1st. 

This year we will again be exchanging this year through Filmfreeway.com This is free for us to use and will streamline the submission process for IAD.

Many of you are probably using it for submission to festivals already. It provides many opportunities to submit to festivals around the world. Last year we had a very successful exchange with 121 films offered! In order to submit to IAD filmmakers will access to the “direct submission page” and need a password.

Filmmakers should submit to the chapter or partner organization that is local for them. This will help to keep our submissions organized. For example, if ASIFA USA East sends out to their organization a request for films for IAD, then filmmakers would submit under the USA East Category, not USA Central or USA South.   

ASIFA Chapter coordinators should contact ASIFA Central Secretary Jim Middleton (jim.middletonrx@gmail.com) for necessary passwords and other keys to access, if you haven’t already received the information.

Coordinators will also be able to log into the Film Freeway system to review films for IAD and download them (after August 1st).  

Best wishes,

Briana Richelle Yarhouse Association Internationale du Film d’Animation
—Director of International Animation Day—Chapter President of ASIFA Central USA
Kendall College of Art & Design
—Associate Professor

ALSO – Members by now (August 18) should have received information on getting onto the Film Freeway site and having access to the IAD project. If you run into a problem, or are a paid-up member and haven’t received the info, contact our ASIFA Central Secretary, Jim Middleton at jim.middletonrx@gmail.com. Thanks!

Looking Back at the 2020 Program

The 2020 program, ASIFA/Central “Celebrating Global Animation” featured 19 Animations from around the world, representing the countries who offered films freely for International Animation Day. Films from Australia, Finland, Hellas/Greece, Iran, India, Switzerland, Taiwan, and the USA were featured.

ASIFA/CENTRAL members joined in the community celebrations and screened our program online that year to recognize 2020 International Animation Day.

Eight countries, 19 animations, total running time was 1 hour 22 minutes. With a variety of styles, techniques and intended target audiences, it was an impressive line up. It was rated R for some animated nudity. 

2021’s program is under development. Stay tuned! Remote screenings for International Animation Day will occur between October 26 and November 15, 2021. The program will be password protected – please write Deanna Morse morsed@gvsu.edu, describe how you intend to view it, and ask for access.

“Jasper” TRT 2:22 – Simon Rippingale – Australia
retreat photo 2019

PRE-CoVid!  2019 ASIFA USA Central Retreat held in St Louis, Missouri at Webster University. 2020 and 2021 were virtual, but just as fun!

Welcome to ASIFA Central! We are the midwest chapter of ASIFA, the oldest organization of animators in the world. Our chapter was established in 1975.

Our virtual Zoom-based retreat was July 16 and 17, 2021!  Read about it in our Newsletter Archive – August issue.