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Hello, members, past, present and future – the ASIFA Central Newsletter Archive has been updated to reflect issues going back to the 1980s that are currently available. If you have any issues or publications from ASIFA Central that can fill in any discovered gaps, drop the secretary a line – – and we’ll arrange a file transfer! Many thanks!

In the meantime – Animation? You want to talk ANIMATION?!? OK, 2022 has been “in development” with some big plans ahead, but in 2021 we had… THE 20th INTERNATIONAL ANIMATION DAY CELEBRATION!

design by the phenomenal Maryam Mohajer

General info on the IAD – those International folk have it covered for you at – – and in living color, too!

For the International Animation Day (IAD) celebration on October 28th, ASIFA Central provided a Vimeo-hosted program of 17 short animated films from the local group and the WHOLE WORLD.

This program was available for single or group viewing…. for the first 300 who applied (well, there were more, but the ASIFA Central secretary wanted to pretend some level of control).

Who did we have to kidnap for this? How many cartloads of zinc had to be provided to the program coordinators? IT WAS FREE. FREE FREE FREE. So, “all you have to do” (the deadliest phrase in the English language) when 2022’s IAD is set up, is to email the ASIFA Central Secretary, Jim Middleton, at and ask for the SECRET INSTRUCTIONS on WHAT IT TAKES TO BE THE TALK OF YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD.

Why, just look at what sort of thing you could see in 2022:

THE PROGRAM from 2021, (61 minutes, 66 for the “Special Edition”)

1. Toast for ASIFA – Deanna Morse, Christine Veras, Steve Leeper, et al, and al et all! – 1:11

2. Two Little People – ASIFA Australia – Xin Li – 3:00

3. Springtime in CoVid Land – Julie Goldstein – 2:08

4. Mala – Too Otaghia Group – Iran – 2:15

5. Large Scale Absurdities Volume 3 – “Docile Town” – Kimonos Animation Studio – Charalambos Margaritis – ASIFA Hellas – 4:21

6. Horsepower – Christine Veras, et al – 1:00

7. Notun Fasal (New Harvest) – Sovan Dutta – ASIFA India – 2:30

8. Tchisti – Sarah Tabibzadeh – Iran – 4:25

9. Candy Shop – Patrick Smith – ASIFA South – 2:30

10. Espresso Doppio – Mika Koskinen – Finland – 3:54

11. Eli – Jeff Martell – ASIFA South – 3:32

12. Connecting – Melissa Bouwman – 2:06

13. Happy Banana – Ali Raies – Iran – 8:20

14. Animated Doodle – ASIFA Hellas – 4:00

15. NamaStay – Margo Pierce – ASIFA South – 2:45

16. time passing : passing time – Polly Wolly Doodlers (Jim Middleton, Deanna Morse, Gretchen Vinnedge, Suzanne Zack) – 5:05

17. A Tale of Self-Preservation – Shannon Fleming – ASIFA South – 5:30

ASIFA Central Updated Board of Directors – since 2021
We had our official, double counted, electronically processed election of board members from the general membership, from whom emerged a new Executive Board:
Julie Goldstein – Our President!
Stephan Leeper
Michael Long
Jim Middleton – Secretary
Tracy Miller-Robbins
Deanna Morse
Chris Sagovac – Vice President!
Bob Swieringa
Christine Veras – Social Media Coordinator and Ambassador to other ASIFA Chapters! (2022)
Gretchen Vinnedge
Briana Yarhouse – Treasurer and IAD coordinator!
The current Membership Coordinator, Charles Wilson, will continue in that post through much of 2022 to allow for compilation of files and membership materials, before passing the baton to a new membership coordinator, to be announced at a later date.



Looking further Back at the 2020 Program

The 2020 program, ASIFA/Central “Celebrating Global Animation” featured 19 Animations from around the world, representing the countries who offered films freely for International Animation Day. Films from Australia, Finland, Hellas/Greece, Iran, India, Switzerland, Taiwan, and the USA were featured.

ASIFA/CENTRAL members joined in the community celebrations and screened our program online that year to recognize 2020 International Animation Day.

AND BEFORE THAT – 2019 Included a real RETREAT!

retreat photo 2019

PRE-CoVid!  2019 ASIFA USA Central Retreat held in St Louis, Missouri at Webster University. 2020 and 2021 were virtual, but just as fun!

ASIFA Central! We are the midwest chapter of ASIFA, the oldest organization of animators in the world. Our chapter was established in 1975.