ASIFA Central is the Midwest USA Chapter of ASIFA, the International Animation Association (l’Association Internationale du Film d’Animation). Founded in France by a group of professional animators and chartered by UNESCO in 1960, ASIFA’s goal is to encourage the art of animation and further promote international understanding and goodwill through the medium of the animated film. There are about 4500 members and 30 chapters world-wide including seven in the USA. ASIFA Central sprouted in Chicago, Illinois, in 1975 and has expanded to include many professional and independent animators in the Midwest.

Because of our wide geographical spread, ASIFA Central has evolved from the original emphasis on meetings and screenings to a more virtual organization. We are currently expanding the idea of “pods” with ASIFA sub-groups meeting face-to-face in various locations in the Midwest.

We have an annual retreat where members come together for a weekend of presentations, hands-on workshops, inspiration and general fun.

ASIFA Central Facebook

Archives and Frame By Frame News

ASIFA Central was the first ASIFA chapter to publish an ASIFA webpage, which was recognized with several awards.

Our quarterly newsletter, “Frame By Frame,” provided the membership with information as well as a forum for interaction. Selected articles are available online.


Our Board

Brad Yarhouse – President and International Animation Day (IAD) Program Coordinator

Deanna Morse – Treasurer and ASIFA International Representative

Jim Middleton – Secretary

Julie Goldstein – Web Design/Maintenance

Chris Sagovac – Social Media Coordinator

Gretchen Vinnedge – Event Coordinator

Charles Wilson – Membership Coordinator

Stephen Leeper – Member-At-Large

Gary Schwartz – Member-At-Large

Robert Swierenga – Member-At-Large

Board Member Eligibility
To be eligible for election to the ASIFA Central board, all board members are required to be ASIFA Central members for one year prior to running for election.

Volunteers are accepted at any time.


ASIFA – United States

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ASIFA Colorado

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ASIFA Portland

ASIFA San Francisco

Visit ASIFA International for additional chapters around the world.


Background of ASIFA International

ASIFA is the Association Internationale du Film d’Animation.

Founded, 1960, in France. ASIFA celebrated the 50 year anniversary in 2010. The anniversary was marked by activities around the globe, including the publication of an anniversary book.

It is the only international non-profit organization for animation art in the world. ASIFA aims to promote animation art globally, and to attain international friendship and mutual understanding through animation.

Currently there are over 5000 members in 58 countries on all continents. Most members are associated with 32 national chapters, but there are also individual members.

ASIFA is affiliated with UNESCO (the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization), which encourages international peace and universal respect by promoting collaboration among nations.