ASIFA Central Animators Retreat!

It was a great event, and we’re looking forward to the next, which seems to come faster every year!

Happening July 16th at 7:00 pm EST through 17th virtually on Zoom.Free for everyone!

Featuring the Best of Ottawa International Animation Festival 2020 underwritten by the Polly Wolly Doodlers,

Saturday Workshops include Toilet Paper Animation & Mixamo and Character animator Workshop, talks on Animation Therapy, Experimental animation, Island Hopping!, and more. Ending with an evening of sharing as animation lovers share their favorite 10 minute shorts or segments and talk about what they love, Animation!

If you are interested in participating here is a link to sign up: Complete Event listing will be provided on July 13th!

July 16 – 18, 2021 On a ZOOM near you!
Friday, July 16

7:00 – Welcome Welcome! – Bri Yarhouse
7:05 – About ASIFA and Ottawa Animation Festival – Chuck Wilson
7:10 – Introduction to the Film – Jim Middleton
7:15 – Film – Best of OIAF, sponsored by the Polly Wolly Doodlers
9:30 (on completion of film) Coffee Breakout Rooms – Discussion about the Film – hosted by Bri Yarhouse

and the ceremonial ASIFA Central Retreat Cake PRESENTATION

Saturday, July 17 – Workshops, Show and Tell, and Favorite Films
11:45 News and updates – Bri Yarhouse
12:00 Workshop 1 – Mixamo and Character animator Workshop – Julie Goldstein

1:00 Coffee Breakout Rooms – hosted by Bri Yarhouse

1:30 Workshop 2 – TP Animation workshop (Use up some pandemic inventory!) – Michael Long, Melissa Bouwman

2:30 Coffee Breakout Rooms – hosted by Bri Yarhouse

Lightning Talks begin

3:00 Lightning Talk 1 – Retro Video Game Animation – Chris Sagovac
3:15 Lightning Talk 2 – ANIMATION-MAKING AS THERAPEUTIC PRACTICE – Jorgelina Orfila
3:30 Lightning Talk 3 – Artprize Update – Deanna Morse, Gretchen Vinnedge, Suzanne Zack, and Jim Middleton
3:45 Lightning Talk 4 – The Experimental Animation Lab – 1st year of Activities – Christine Veras

4:00 Coffee Breakout Rooms – hosted by Bri Yarhouse

4:30 Lightning Talk 5 – Island Hopping – Michael Long
4:45 Lightning Talk 6 – Collaborative Animation – Deanna Morse
5:00 Lightning Talk 7 – Stuff to Share! – Chris Scott
5:15 Lightning Talk 8 – Work in Progress Presentation – Jim Middleton

5:30 DINNER BREAK (Animators must document all chewing on the appropriate production pipeline sheet)

7:00 – Animation Share Time!

7:00    Warm Up Workshop Videos -  Share Time - outcomes from the morning  workshops
7:15     Share 1        Works expanding on Norman McClaren’s Definition of Animation – Christine Veras
7:30     Share 2        UPA  –  Michael Long
7:45     Share 3        Material experience and The Eagleman Stag  - Robert Swieringa
8:00     Share 4        My Favorite Animation –     Deanna Morse
8:15     Share 5        My Favorite Animation –     Bri Yarhouse
8:30     Share 6        Animation Saved My Life – Jim Middleton
8:45     Share 7        View-O-Rama by Chelsea Manifold   – Gretchen Vinnedge
9:00     Share 8        My Favorite Animation –     Julie Goldstein

Sunday, July 18
1pm – ASIFA Central Board Meeting
Interested? Click on the same ZOOM link and see what is happening.
Board Members will be discussing what the positions have meant to them and what they were able to bring to their roles