International Animation Day

central michigan1

Students at Central Michigan University getting into the spirit of International Animation Day.

ASIFA Central celebrates International Animation Day each year in a number of cities throughout the midwest on or around Oct 28th. International Animation Day was started in 2002 by ASIFA  “honoring the birth of animation, recognized as the first public performance of projected moving images: Emile Reynaud’s Theatre Optique in Paris, on the 28th October 1892.” This worldwide celebration happens in many countries on all inhabited continents with the goal of “connecting animators to each other, celebrating our unique art form, and bringing animation art to the general public.” Chapters of ASIFA exchange films with one another to create a rich diverse tapestry of animation. For more information view

IAD 2018: ANI-JAM 18

Based on the 2018 Association Internationale du Film d’Animation International Animation Day poster created by René Castillo’s studio Mandaraka in Mexico. Each face was created by a member of the studio and then reinterpreted by animators in the Central USA Chapter of ASIFA as part of an ANI-JAM. Each animator had 3 seconds to transform one face into another.IAD_Poster-Portrait-1sheet-small.png

The artists who contributed the faces are: Misael Barbosa, Rita Basulto, Juan Pablo Becerra, Sofía Carrillo, Karla Castañeda, Emilia Castillo, René Castillo, Eliant Elias, León Fernández, Ricardo Niño, Mario Ruiz, Ángeles Vargas & Christian Vázquez.

The animators (in order of transformation) are Charles Wilson, Steve Leeper, Gretchen Vinnedge, Andrew Zesiger, Nathan Henriquez, Nikki Hines, Julie Goldstein, Mack-enzie Mayo, R. Brad Yarhouse, Bob Swieringa, Gary Schwartz, David Thrasher, Deanna Morse, Jim Middleton. Music by Andrew Zesiger.